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“Soul of my Alto” #1 JAZZ ALBUM February 2013

Ian Hendrickson-Smith’s album “The Soul of my Alto” Hit Number one on the Jazz Radio Charts February 11th 2013. This album features Adam Scone on Organ and Charles Ruggiero on Drums. Recorded by Glen Forrest. The album was released on Cory Weeds label – Cellar Live.

This is a masterful collection of Ballads. The minimal arrangements leave nothing between the band and the listener other than Melody, Feeling, and Soulfulness.

This chart topper had an exciting reign on the Jazz Radio Airwaves. Here is a breakdown.

6 weeks in the top 20, 4 weeks in the top 10, and of course THE COVETED #1 JAZZ ALBUM.

This record is an instant classic. It is a must for every jazz record enthusiast.

SOUL OF MY ALTO – #1 JAZZ RECORD / Week of Feb. 11, 2013

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